My Summer Bucket List


In February, I created a springtime bucket list. Since summer is just around the corner, I thought I’d review what I actually accomplished on my spring list and then create a new list for the summer. You can see my spring list here. I feel fairly good about it.


Spring Bucket List Review

Plant a garden

It hasn’t happened. I keep thinking I need to get some tomato plants in. I still have time. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

Go to Disneyland

I booked the trip and it will take place in June. So technically, it will still be spring. Although, we will be on summer break by then. I’m really looking forward to the rides, the week off, and the churros, but not necessarily in that order.

Build up my Instagram

This is a work in progress. I definitely have worked on it and have had many nice responses to my photos. If you’re interested, you can check it out here.

Spend More Time in Nature

I’ve definitely made a strong effort to do this. And I think I have succeeded, despite springtime allergies.

Take a Trip With My Daughter

Did it twice! we toured college campuses. We loved Bellingham, WA. Read about that trip here. We also had lots of fun in Oregon. We traveled to Willamette University in Salem and also visited Portland. Read about our Oregon adventures here.

A Fun Birthday Outing

Check! We’re going to Disneyland. Two bucket list items with one trip. Pretty impressive.

Visit the Municipal Rose Garden

Not yet, but there is still time. It peaks in May and June.

Get Myself a Bike

I haven’t done this one yet. It’s something I just keep putting off. And all three bike stores in town are closed. So I’m not sure where to begin right now.

Plan a Vacation (or Two)

Check! One family vacation down, a trip to visit some friends in the works and we’re still coming up with a plan for our 25th Anniversary trip.

Buy Some Sidewalk Chalk and Use it

Not done, but there’s a Target just down the street, so I’ll add it to my list.

That’s six done and four not completed. Not bad and I still have a month or so to finish up. I think I can finish it up with the exception of the new bike. I hope my summer list is as easily completed (or nearly so).


11 Things To Do Before Summer is Over


Besides finishing up a few things on my spring list, I have a lot of things to do this summer. Most of them revolve around having fun with my family and friends, enjoying the season, and food. I love summer food.


william felker-unsplash
Photo by William Felker from Unsplash


1. Eat as Much Fresh Fruit as Possible

It started in the spring with strawberries, but I really up my game in June. Every year, I buy cherries from my local stand and eat them until I feel sick. Then I move on to nectarines, apricots, plums, peaches, watermelon, and, at summer’s end, grapes. I also eat tons of summer squash, fresh green beans, and sweet summer corn. Living in California spoils me because just about everything is grown locally. And summer is the best time for so many fruits and vegetables. I’ll miss my spring asparagus though.

2. Spend More Time at the Beach

I live about an hour’s drive from the Pacific Ocean. Our beaches aren’t tropical, and the water isn’t very warm (averages 56 degrees Fahrenheit), but simply putting my toes in the sand and breathing in the ocean air is a mini vacation. School will be out soon and then I’ll take my kids and the dogs and head for the beach. I try to make it once a week or so when we’re in town. We also live near the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. It is a must do every summer.


summer fun
Photo by Hannah Morgan from Unsplash


3. Create a Better Blogging Routine

With the crazy schedule I’ve been keeping for the last month, my blog posts haven’t been as consistent as I’d like. So I’m going to schedule writing time for myself over the summer and get ahead of the game before school starts up again in the fall. Hopefully, I’ll be a month or so ahead when September gets here.

4. Lesson Plans

Think teachers don’t work in the summer? Think again. I have two courses I’m developing for the Fall and I have to get them done over my summer vacation. One is a history class, the other art. I have a plan already, I just need to flush out the lessons.

5. Summer Reading

I set a goal to read 50 books this year. I’m half way there. But that doesn’t mean I can take it easy over the summer. In fact, I plan on stepping up my game. I have 8- books on my Goodreads “to read” list. Summer is when I start trying to make a dent in it.

6. Celebrate 25 Years

In August, my husband and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We are planning to take a trip but the plans aren’t set yet. I can hardly believe 25 years have gone by. Where does the time go?

7. Fix My Family’s Summer Favorites

When the weather gets hot, I pull out my summer recipes. I try to cook early in the morning if I have to turn the oven on. Otherwise,  I barbecue or we eat cold dinners. I have a chicken kebab recipe that everyone loves. It only takes a few minutes on the grill. I pair it with macaroni salad (another family favorite) that I make ahead, watermelon, and lemonade. We know summer’s really here when that’s what’s for dinner.


Photo by Neha Deshmuhk from Unsplash


8. Learn About Obedience

My dogs really need some training. Walks would be much more enjoyable for all of us. I’ve been looking into some obedience classes. I would love to break Rosie’s chewing habit and teach them both to sit and stay.

9. Ride the Rocket Boat

One of my favorite touristy things to do in San Francisco (about 60 miles from home) is the RocketBoat ride. My brother and SIL live in the city a few blocks from Ghiradelli Square and a short walk to Pier 39. These are touristy places we usually try to avoid, but the RocketBoat pier is next to Pier 39, so we make an exception for it. The boat takes riders on a high speed 30 minute ride around the San Francisco Bay, blasting rock music and spinning, twisting, and jumping wakes. It only runs May through October. You will love it, but only if you don’t mind getting a bit wet.

10. Escape the Heat

I don’t like hot weather. It’s a problem because I live in California and my house doesn’t have air-conditioning. We often get highs in the summer of 90+ degrees. My house can really heat up, especially on the second floor. But I’ve lived in California and without air-conditioning most of my life, so I have some tricks up my sleeve. I open everything up at night and let the cool night air in. I shut everything up tight in the morning before the sun hits the windows. We run fans and  try to keep most other electronics off. The oven is never turned on and the dryer is run only in the evening or early morning. When I do all I can and it still is unbearable, we head out for the day. This serves multiple purposes. First, no one is at home to add extra heat to the house. We head somewhere cooler. Sometimes it’s the beach. Other times it’s the library, a museum, or even a friend’s swimming pool. It often involves ice cream and cool drinks. And perhaps dinner out.

11. Take it Slow

Summer is really my time to slow down. I like to sleep in a bit and make simple meals. I try to schedule at least one day a week where we have absolutely nothing we have to do. My kids do participate in summer sports camps, but we don’t do them back to back. And this year, only my son will be doing that. He will also have summer assignments. I hate those! It’s called summer vacation people! It’s supposed to be fun and school-free. The girls will be working at their summer jobs. And we will all be making the most of our summer freedoms.


happiness is


I’m really looking forward to summer vacation (except for those 90 degree days). I don’t think my bucket list is too far out of my reach. I’ll let you know how it goes sometime in September. What’s on your summer bucket list? Is it more ambitious and exciting than mine? You can tell me in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading and please share.