Meet Leah

Meet Leah

Hi, I’m Leah!  

I am a wife (25 years this year!), mother (3 gorgeous kids), and teacher (history, art and reading). Being creative keeps me sane.  So does chocolate, bakeries, and reading good books. I excel at hoarding pretty paper and fun pens, and spending too much on art and craft supplies.  I LOVE my bullet journal. Among other things, it helps me justify all those fun pens and pretty papers.

What I love most in life is learning new things. I read a lot (50+ books per year) and I do a lot of research on topics that interest me. As a teacher, I also love sharing what I learn with other people.

After spending a lot of time (YEARS!) reading angry Facebook posts and mean comments on all sorts of websites, I decided I could do something to counteract the negativity.  I started this blog to share positive messages in what seems to be an increasingly negative world. 

My Cup of Cocoa is about things I have found that make life happier,  easier and  more fun. My Cup of Cocoa is what cheers me up and makes a hard day a little easier. It is what lifts a heavy load or what inspires a fit of giggles. It’s about the power of love, friendship, positivty, and choosing good things.

In this blog, you will find lists of my favorite things, thoughts on happiness, gratitude, and how to make the world better. Self-care and mindfulness are part of my daily routines and I will try and share that too. Sometimes there may be silly things that make me laugh because laughter is good medicine. Recipes that make life easier, taste yummy, and make you smile will be included as well.

Please add your comments and suggestions and let me know what your cup of cocoa is. What makes you happy?