My Cup of Cocoa’s 30-Day Gratitude Challenge


November is National Gratitude Month. In honor of that, I have come up with a 30-Day Gratitude Challenge that I will be doing. I hope you can join me. Having gratitude in our lives can reduce anxiety, increase our happiness and contentment, and help us appreciate what we have in a world that often tells us we’re not enough.

Simply ask yourself the question of the day. If you keep a gratitude journal, write a response. If you like using social media, post your gratitude response on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. Use #30daygratitudechallenge on your posts. Let’s see how much gratitude we can share this month.


Please pin or print the challenge for your use.


30 Day Gratitude Challenge

I will be returning to this theme a few more times in November and sharing how reviewing these questions have helped me grow my gratitude.  Please comment and share. I would love to hear how the gratitude challenge helps you.