17 Quotes to Help Shine Light During Dark Times


Have you watched the news lately? Maybe you shouldn’t. Some days it seems like all we hear about are tragedies, victims, anger, hate, violence, crime, and wars. The world can seem like a very dark place. It can be discouraging and even frightening. It’s part of the reason I began this blog. I wanted to share some light during dark times.

How we talk to ourselves and others has a big effect on how well we handle dark times.  Negative self-talk creates self-doubt, lowers self-esteem, and creates fear, anxiety, and even depression.  The same goes for how we talk about others. If we complain about, put down, gossip about, and vilify people, we will only see the negative in them.  Focusing on the negative invites darkness in our lives.  Looking for happiness, goodness, and positivity will bring light into our lives. You see what you look at and for.

If you’ve read My Cup of Cocoa before, you probably know I have a love of quotes. I have several quote boards on Pinterest. You can check them out here. I’ve put 17 of my favorites here for you. Hopefully, you’ll find some that help light your days when things seems dark.


17 Quotes To Bring Light During Dark Times

MLK quote



hemingway quote


dumbledore quote


candle quote



light within



light during dark times2



Thomas S Monson



light during darkness






light during dark times 5



forward with hope




light in darkness 6



henry b eyring



be the light



sirius black quote



light during dark times7



light during dark times


Everyone has dark times in their lives. It is part of the human experience. Often times, we have little control over when, where, or how our dark times come. What we can control, however, is how we deal with it. We can add light to our lives that will help lift the darkness.

Light can be added to our in so many ways. Helping others (lighting their candle with ours), meditation, spending time in nature, making healthy choices, and choosing to forgive are all ways we can combat dark times.


What have you done lately to fight the darkness found in our world? Please share your ideas in the comments below.


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