Happy National Cocoa Day – Get a Cup and Celebrate!


In case you haven’t noticed, my blog is named after one of my favorite treats…cocoa. When it came to naming my blog, I wanted a title that referred to my favorite things because that is what I am trying to share. But MyFavoriteThings was taken and so was Whiskersonkittens, RaindropsonRoses, and even MyCupofTea, Then I thought, I’d rather drink cocoa than tea anyways, and MyCupofCocoa.com was born.

December 13th is National Cocoa Day. I love, love, love a good cup of hot chocolate. I’d drink it every day if I could. There are so many ways to enjoy a cup of cocoa. Maybe you’re a dark chocolate fan (me too!), or you like a little mint with your chocolate (good choice), or maybe you prefer soy or almond milk (those work too!). Whatever your cocoa preference may be, I have gathered some of the best recipes the internet has to offer. I have also found some companies that having special offerings in honor of this cocoa day and even listed my favorite place to get a bowl (yes, a bowl) of hot chocolate. If you’re looking for one to help celebrate National Cocoa Day tomorrow, please read on. (This site contains affiliate links. See disclosure page for more information.)

Cocoa Deals

Keurig is celebrating National Cocoa Day with two new products from Swiss Miss. They have two new flavors, mint and light. If you want to go the easy route, and you have access to a Keurig machine, this is the way to go.



For a limited time, the Starbucks website is offering a discount on their Hot Cocoa K-Cup pods. Follow this link to get this deal: Starbucks.com/cocoa. While you’re there, play the Starbuck’s for Life game for a chance at free drinks.


A Bowl of Cocoa

If you live in the San Francisco area, I recommend stopping in to b.patisserie on California Street in San Francisco. They sell hot cocoa by the bowl. It is my favorite spot for cocoa in the city. Seriously, it’s a big bowl of cocoa. You might need to bring a friend to share it with. Be sure to get a pastry or two to help wash everything down. I have never had food or drink from this place that was anything less than totally delicious.

bowl of cocoa
My favorite bowl of cocoa at b.patisserie in San Francisco.


If I can’t get to the city and I’m desperate for a cup of chocolate, I either pick up a cup at Starbuck, Peet’s (try the caramel flavoring!) or my local coffee shop or bakery or I make some at home. Here are some of the best recipes I’ve tried. Enjoy!

Best Ever Creamy Crockpot Hot Cocoa

There are several versions of this on Pinterest. I had a taste of it last Friday and a Hallmark Christmas Movie party (girl’s night!) and it is pretty spectacular. It’s also made in your Crockpot, so it’s good for a small crowd. This link is to Mrs Happy Homemaker’s  recipe. If you have an opportunity to make cocoa for a crowd, definitely give this one a try.

mrshappyhomemaker cocoa
photo attributed to mrshappyhomemaker.com



Mexican Hot Chocolate (Slow Cooker)

Here is another recipe for the Crockpot. This one comes with a spicy little twist. If you haven’t tried Mexican hot chocolate, you need to do it…now! Think chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, a little chili spice, and cream….ooh, yum! This recipe comes from  littlespicejar.com who also has a great post on throwing a hot cocoa party.

mexican cocoa
photo attributed to littlespicejar.com


Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

For those of you who love peanut butter cups, this is something you must try. Anyone else remember those old commercials? “You got peanut butter in my chocolate!” “No, you got chocolate in my peanut butter!” Okay, so I may be aging myself there, but this recipe from chocolatemoosey.com is a winner.

peanut butter hot chocolate
photo attributed to chocolatemoosey.com


The Best Vegan Hot Chocolate

Okay, so I’m not vegan, but I have a child who has lactose problems, so this one is for all of you who don’t do dairy for whatever reason.  The prettybee.com is a great site for allergy friendly recipes . There a gluten-fee, dairy-free peppermint hot cocoa recipe too! Oh, and a coconut cream hot cocoa…yum! Maybe you should try all three, but start with The Best Vegan Hot Chocolate.


vegan hot cocoa
photo attributed to theprettybee.com



Here is one last favorite of mine to share. As a college student, I lived in the U.K. my junior year. I fell in love with Cadbury Drinking Chocolate. It got me through some late night studying and some cold, wet British weather. You can get it here in the U.S., and when I want to splurge a little, I get myself a canister.  I hide it way in the back of the cupboard, behind the more common brands my kids prefer. Some day they’ll get wise to it and demand the good stuff for themselves, but, for now, it’s all mine!



Thanks for reading and please share!